Norsemen News · Important Cancellations/Schedule Changes

Tonight’s (2/6/18) varsity boy’s basketball game at Eastbrook has been postponed and will be played this Saturday (2/10/18) with 6:30 JV tip.  The Bluffton boy’s game the was originally scheduled for this Saturday needed to be moved to this Friday at Bluffton with a 6:00 JV tip.  This move was necessary because of Bluffton’s girls team playing in regionals this Saturday.  Also a reminder that the make up boys game with North Miami is still scheduled for this Wednesday with 6:15 tip off.

The Jr. High RRC 2nd round games that were supposed to be played today also have been pushed back all the way to Friday at NF with 5:30 7th grade tip.  Northfield will play the winners of the Rochester and Whitko games that were cancelled yesterday, today and tomorrow.  They will play on Thursday, with the winner coming to Northfield on Friday.