Norsemen News · County Basketball Draws Announced

All Games will be played in the Coolman Gym at Wabash, except for Saturday mornings JV Consolation games, which will take place at the high school gym at Wabash.

Friday 12/29 Home VS Visitor
Girls JV 9:00 Southwood Northfield
Boys JV 10:30 Southwood Northfield
Girls JV 12:00 Wabash Manchester
Boys JV 1:30 Wabash Manchester
Girls Varsity 3:00 Northfield Southwood
Boys Varsity 4:45 Northfield Southwood
Girls Varsity 6:30 Manchester Wabash
Boys Varsity 8:15 Manchester Wabash
Saturday 12/30
Girls JV Championship 10:00 Coolman Girls JV Consolation 10:00 HS
Boys JV Championship 11:45 Coolman Boys JV Consolation 11:30 HS
Girls Varsity Consolation 3:00 Coolman
Boys Varsity Consolation 4:45 Coolman
Girls Varsity Championship 6:30 Coolman
Boys Varsity Championship 8:30 Coolman